Civil Engineering

At KKB Group we have a wealth of civil engineering experience spanning a wide variety of sectors.

From enabling and drainage works to infrastructure, utilities and traffic management, we pride ourselves on delivering cost effective solutions at every stage of a project’s lifecycle.

We are a member of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and hold the most up to date certifications and accreditations allowing us to improve year on year.

We’re extremely proud of our civil engineering teams. Their skill, dedication and expertise have achieved award winning recognition from a number of leading industry bodies, and have allowed us to win a wide variety of contracts, from small projects to multi-million pound operations.

KKB Group are committed to delivering the highest standards of service for our clients to ensure contracts are completed on time, on budget and with the absolute minimum of disruption to other trades and the environment.

Through our in-house management team, we also provide services other than on-site construction for our clients. These include:
What sets KKB Group apart?

We offer a complete range of pre-project and construction services to clients and their professional partners adding greater certainty to the technical and financial feasibility of a project. This gives our clients the ability to look ahead and know precisely how a project will progress, from concept to execution.

To find out more about our services, or make an enquiry and receive a quote, contact our team of friendly professionals on 01634 717712.