• Client: Drax
  • Value: £3.5 million

  • Works: Earthworks, Civil Engineering

  • Duration: 8 months

  • Location: Kingsnorth, Kent

  • Completed: Apr 2020

Following a competitive tendering exercise KKB were appointed to undertake the enabling works for a proposed new power station for Drax in Kent. The client was committed to using local resources and the proximity of our facility (less than ½ mile from the site) was key to the decision.

The contract involved levelling the 80,000 sqm site which was previously derelict land and create a working platform for the development phase.

Following clearance of shrubbery, redundant fencing and flytipped waste we commenced the cut and fill process which, at its height, involved over 15 items of plant ranging from excavators, the diggers, dump trucks and dozers.

A large pulverized fuel ash (PFA) lagoon was drained, excavated and the PFA residues stockpiled on-site. Once levelled the top two layers were lime/cement stabilised to meet the geo-technical specification before 100,000 tonnes of 6F2 (imported from a local source) was installed and compacted to form a piling rig.

The work also involved the creation of a 126 x 5-metre temporary Bailey Bridge over a stream to provide an alternative access to the site. Sections of the structure were crane-lifted into place, attached and fitted with transoms.

The project required Import 40,000 tonnes recycled 6F2 and disposal of 18,000 tonnes non-hazardous soils.


This project was challenging with several revisions to scope due to changes in ground conditions, the potential for UXO, abnormally inclement weather and ultimately the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. Throughout the period, KKB remained professional in their response to these changes, worked flexibly with Drax and other contractors within the KKB CDM area, and completed the work within the agreed timescales and to the expected quality. We would be happy to engage KKB for similar work in the future.

David Ball, Development Director, Drax