• Client: Redrow Plc
  • Geotechnical Consultant: RSK

  • Value: £500k

  • Works: Earthworks / Remediation

  • Duration: 2 months

  • Location: Sittingbourne, Kent

  • Completed: May 2018

KKB Group was appointed by housebuilder, Redrow Homes, to carry out the enabling works to facilitate the development of a new housing estate on brownfield land in Sittingbourne.

To enable the project to remain on-programme, the 7-acre site was divided into three areas and the works staggered. Area 1, which contained no contamination, was prepared first to enable the build phase to commence promptly. Cut/fill earthworks created a level surface which required the importation of 20,000 cubic metres of soils under the CL:AIR Code of Practice.  A capping layer of 6F2 was installed to create a piling mat.

Concurrently with this a separate team decontaminated a second area of the site which contained asbestos debris. We devised a picking-plan which enabled the material to be processed in-situ - saving the client over £2m in costs of excavating and removing the material to landfill. Three rounds of manual decontamination comprised excavating the ground to 150-300 mm to uncover asbestos-contaminated material which was picked and collected by trained operatives under controlled conditions. 6 tonnes of asbestos material was removed and the area inspected/signed-off by analysts from RSK before it was compacted and capped.

The third area contained significant surface water which was pumped off-site and the ground treated with lime/cement stabilisation to reduce its moisture content to specification before a capping layer was applied.