• Client: Tarmac
  • Value: £2.7 million

  • Works: Earthworks, Crushing/Screening

  • Duration: 15 months

  • Location: Colchester, Essex

  • Completed: Jun 2022

As a preferred contractor of construction materials supplier, Tarmac, KKB was appointed to carry out a 15-month contract to extract and process minerals at its Bellhouse Quarry located on the outskirts of Colchester.

We established a permanent presence at the Quarry – site team and plant/equipment - to deliver the works. Material is extracted using 95-tonne excavators and relocated using 45-tonne dump trucks to a stockpile. From there it is loaded into a hopper and transported by a conveyor across the site (via a tunnel beneath a main road which bisects the site) where it is reloaded into a wash plant and screened to create sand a gravel (10mm and 20mm).

The project will generate in excess of 800,000 tonnes of aggregate for use in the construction and civil engineering sectors. Voids created by the excavation are refilled using site-won clay material and compacted to specification.

The contract also involves recycling waste material generated by the nearby A12 Widening Scheme. Concrete and hardcore wastes generated by breaking-out the existing pavements and tipped at Bellhouse Quarry by the main contractor, Sisk, are crushed and screened to specification and fed into the site’s batching plant to create cement-bound materials (CBM) which is transported back to the A12 site.


“KKB’s experience of crushing, screening and site logistics has enabled us to efficiently extract and process minerals from our quarry into high-quality secondary aggregates. Their ability to recycle inert wastes into specific sizes enables our plant to generate highways-grade CBM for the A12 widening project and enhance the project’s overall sustainability.”

Kelven Nicholls - Quarry Manager - Tarmac