The remediation of contaminated land is at the very heart of our core services and the most important phase of many brownfield sites. 

We carry out ex-situ and in-situ remediation to decontaminate Brownfield sites and prepare them for the re-development phase.

When it comes to redeveloping on former industrial locations, the hydrocarbons, heavy metals, fertilisers and asbestos that are often found can be very dangerous. They pose a risk to the health of contractors conducting the works and any residents who may move to the location once development has been completed. Thus, this is a matter which is strictly regulated and controlled by the Environment Agency.

We are fully accredited with the Environment Agency and possess all the correct and up to date licences and certifications enabling us to carry out all our works in-house.

KKB Group provide a comprehensive remediation service, from consultation, sampling and testing to the works element out on site. We specialise in excavation, treatment, re-deposit, re-grading and waste disposal. Our vast experience of the discipline enables us to provide expert advice and value engineered solutions to ensure the most suitable and cost-effective remediation strategy is adopted.

On completion, we prepare a full report which documents the methodology involved including technical drawings, test and monitoring data and photographic evidence.

Our remediation technologies are broad and far-reaching, allowing us to specialise in the following areas:

We’ve worked on remediation schemes across a variety of sectors, including residential and commercial developments, urban regeneration, education, healthcare and leisure.

For more information about our remediation technology and the services we offer, contact us today on 01634 717712.