Trackwork Moll – Doncaster

In May 2013 KKB Remediation Limited were commissioned by Trackwork Moll, a manufacturer of high quality pre-stressed concrete railway sleepers, to construct a railway siding at its new factory in Doncaster.

The site covered an area of 50,000 square metres and had 10,000 cubic metres of soil stockpiled on it from the main construction works.1500 metres of railway track and sleepers were lifted by KKB ready to be reused on site.

Our contract was to construct the railway bed for the rail crane and siding and to construct it using materials from the site which meant the excavation, screening, processing and relaying of 20000 square metres of railway ballast.

The rail beds were excavated to formation level and CBR Testing carried out.

Terram placed followed by the laying of imported Type 1 Sub base. A further layer of Terram was placed followed by the laying of the cleaned railway ballast.

Recovered fine material from the screening process was classified as capping layer and used as replacement for Type 1 during the construction of the main railway access siding.