Santon Aggregate Processing Plant Demolition

The steel structures were taken down using45 ton ‘Long Reach’ and 30 Ton demolition specified excavators utilizing shear attachments, breaker attachments and pulverisor attachments.

The Plant was dismantled by shearing the steel frame and reducing the Plant, piece by piece, to ground level. Once on the ground, the steel was cut to size for transportation off site to a local metal recycling facility. Approximately 350 Tonnes of metal was recycled.

The existing Cone Crusher and 3 no. Over-Belt Magnets were lifted down and set aside for re-use along with all the sleepers from the Plants storage bins. Sleepers and unsuitable demolition waste found to be unsuitable for re-use (approximately 15 Tonnes) were disposed off-site to licensed Waste Facilities for recycling.

The concrete foundations and floor slabs were then broken out using breaker attachments on the excavators with the resulting concrete break out being recycled into 6F2 material for use as a capping layer with the steel reinforcement sent for recycling. Approximately 1,000 tonnes of concrete were recycled. The foundation excavations were backfilled with the site then graded and returned to a flat and clean condition. The project was completed to programme and within budget.

“All works done to price and programme, good job”

Brian Morris – Works Manager

Project Images