S Walsh – Edgeware Road – Remediation of Asbestos Impacted Soils

The works involved the processing, picking and screening of 10,000m3 of Asbestos impacted material which was carried out under the KKB Groups Environmental Agency Mobile Treatment Licence.

The processed soils, 6,000m3, were then cement stabilised in-situ and placed on site, at the stipulated CBR values, to the levels of the underside of the required Pile Mats.

All over-sized materials, 4,000m3, were crushed and used on site for the constriction of Pile Mats enabling the Piling operations to commence.

The works were undertaken over 2 site visits and resulted in all the processed materials being used on site, thereby helping to minimise the carbon footprint of the works undertaken.

All works were completed on time and within budget.

‘KKB were safe, proactive and professional in their work and we would be happy to engage their services again’

Mr Dan Donohoe (Contracts Manager)