KKB Group – Kingsnorth Depot Construction of Plant Depot, Workshop and Storage Facility

KKB Group are undergoing £7,000,000.00 of internal investment, and due to the continued expansion of the specialist plant fleet and wider Group infrastructure, have constructed a bespoke new Plant Maintenance depot in Kingsnorth to support our continued growth.

The site, wholly owned by the KKB Group, was re-profiled and prepared for the construction of a 400mm thick reinforced concrete slab upon which has been built a 1,000m2 maintenance shed. The Maintenance Shed has been fitted with an internal gantry crane with office and welfare facilities with the whole site fenced with metal palisade fencing.

The works were conducted in the proximity of HV overhead power lines with all the required safety measures adopted and the workforce briefed regarding the requirements required when working close to overhead power lines.

All stats requirements were connected, with approximately 200M of ducting laid to enable connection to a 60kv electrical supply within the estate.

‘This bespoke facility has enabled the Groups internal investment programme to continue unhindered, with no downtime or loss of production, and an improved ability to continue delivering a first-class service to our Clients’

Mr D Bhanot – Managing Director – KKB Group