Gill Aggregates – Paved Storage Area – Dagenham

The works were located immediately adjacent to a ‘live’ operational (24 hrs) concrete batching plant with the 278-works joining the site to an access road shared by the concrete batching plant and a materials supply yard.

The shared access was heavily trafficked by large HGV vehicles during normal working hours with significant activity ‘out of hours’ by the 24-hour operational requirements of the concrete batching plant.

All our works had to be programmed in a manner that did not interfere with the operational requirements of both the materials supplier and the batching plant. This was done by implementing regular programme meetings and continuous communication with all affected parties. Some of the works were flexibly programmed and conducted at weekends or nights to ensure that no inconvenience was caused to any affected party.

Works were completed ahead of Programme and to Budget.

‘A good job done in difficult conditions. KKB were efficient and well organized and the completed works were to a good standard’

Mr Lucky Gill (Director